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How Do I Play Reality Quests?

Escape room is a team adventure where players immerse into the game universe and take the tests together. It is a unique chance to try on dozens of various roles: discover a couple of new universes, save the mankind, solve the crime case of the century or become its direct participant...
Your key weapons during the game are the logic and speed of thinking, intuition and teamwork ability. Some games will require a bit of physical strength and agility.

What I Can and Cannot Do During the Game?

You can put any ideas to practical test: we will handle all the consequences of the mess and restore the initial order in the room. The main thing is to avoid irreversible effects.
All puzzles are solved without applying raw force, the exceptions being rare. If you have to break, unscrew or tear something off, the hints to do so will be extremely transparent.
Please do not discuss the game details after leaving the room. This might deprive the ones who have not yet played of their own fun!

How Long Does a Game Last?

60 minutes are typically allocated to you for all the tryouts. You can check the exact duration on the game card before booking. If you fit into the timeframe, you are a winner! And if you do not pass the tests on time, the operator will open the door. However, this will not be the case when you can boast of your victory.

How Many Players Should a Team Consist of?

The maximum number of players differs from game to game. Various games are suitable for single players and couples, small or large teams. You can check the exact number of players on the game card at the website. Please pay attention when booking!

Can I Invite More Participants?

Each game is meant for a certain number of participants. The number depends on the premises area, scenario, number of tasks, safety requirements and other important parameters.

What Do I Bring Along to the Location?

We will ask you to leave your bags, gadgets, any spy (and just potentially dangerous) tool or devices outside before the game. This is a mandatory safety and game ethics requirement.

How Safe It Is to Play Escape Games?

An escape game is a game, but one taking place in reality. It means that real high-voltage current is running through the wires. And if you break some glass, you can cut yourself. Adhere to basic safety requirements and the operator’s recommendations so that nothing marrs the effect.

Will I Get Help if Something Goes Wrong?

All rooms are equipped with cameras and mikes. If something goes wrong, the operator will assist you immediately. In order to get a clue, you can contact the operator yourself using the help button or another authorized method.

Who May Be Denied Access to the Location and Why?

We do not allow players under the influence of alcohol (more than 0.25 ppm) to participate in quests. The money for the game is NOT returned.
Also consider the age and composition restrictions of the players. For example, in some quests only adults can participate, in others - only children. Some quests require teamwork, in others a large company will be crowded.

What if a Player Suffers from claustrophobia?

Most quests are safe for anyone. However, there are exceptions. For example, games with narrow passages in the plot are not suitable for very large players, and especially scary horror games are not recommended for people with heart disease or panic attacks. Pay attention to the restrictions indicated in the description of a particular quest!
If there are players on your team pregnancy, epilepsy, a pacemaker, a disability or other disabilities that may interfere with your enjoyment of the game, be sure to let us know and we will help you find a quest that is safe for you.